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~ Wednesday, November 14 ~

Been a bit lazy updating my tumblr page. Put a tune out about a month ago and this is the video for it done by my cousin Cormac Murphy and his friend Evan Buggle.

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~ Tuesday, July 31 ~

New Build remix posted by New Build!

The “New Build - Medication” remix that I did a while ago has been found by New Build and mercifully rather than them wanting to beat me up for besmirching their masterpiece they seem to kind of like it and have posted it on their soundcloud site. You can find it on their page above with all the tunes from their most excellent recent album (I bought it on vinyl and thoroughlty enjoyed it).

Putting the finishing touches to one of my own tunes and remain hopeful that I will have it done in the next couple of weeks.

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~ Friday, May 18 ~
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~ Tuesday, May 15 ~
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