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~ Thursday, February 7 ~

Max Tutorials


One for the audio nerds like me. If anyone is into max/max for live programming I stumbled across this resource of videos yesterday. They appear to be the tutorials from an actual degree course so to have access to them for free is obscene.

I am promising myself that I will work through them all but I have said this before and then I just download something that Robert Henke made and muck about with that instead. This time will (allegedly) be different.

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~ Wednesday, January 23 ~

RTE 2FM Live Session

I recorded a live session for Dan Hegarty’s RTE 2FM show in December of last year. The session tracks were broadcast on Monday just gone but you can listen to the recordings here:

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~ Saturday, January 5 ~

Video from www.ungradio.com broadcast 3rd Jan 2013

Here’s video of me recording the set I did for www.ungradio.com on Thursday night.

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~ Friday, January 4 ~

DJ set on www.ungradio.com 3rd Jan 2013

The good folk at www.ungradio.com invited me to do a DJ set last night. You can stream and download the whole thing from here.

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~ Wednesday, November 14 ~

Been a bit lazy updating my tumblr page. Put a tune out about a month ago and this is the video for it done by my cousin Cormac Murphy and his friend Evan Buggle.

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~ Thursday, August 23 ~
This is just one of the many gems that awaits you on “Awkward band and musician Photos” - click on the pic to go through to the site.

This is just one of the many gems that awaits you on “Awkward band and musician Photos” - click on the pic to go through to the site.

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~ Tuesday, July 31 ~

New Build remix posted by New Build!

The “New Build - Medication” remix that I did a while ago has been found by New Build and mercifully rather than them wanting to beat me up for besmirching their masterpiece they seem to kind of like it and have posted it on their soundcloud site. You can find it on their page above with all the tunes from their most excellent recent album (I bought it on vinyl and thoroughlty enjoyed it).

Putting the finishing touches to one of my own tunes and remain hopeful that I will have it done in the next couple of weeks.

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~ Thursday, May 31 ~

I gone done a new tune and its a rerub…..or something

So I posted a new tune on Soundcloud and this time its a remix. It s a remix of a tune called medication by a band called “New Build”. For those of you who don’t know who they are they are a 3 piece group consisting of Al Doyle (Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem), Felix Martin (Hot Chip) and producer Tom Hopkins. They put out an album a few months ago and one of the subsequent releases was a single of their song “Mediation” which was on a USB stick with remixes and most improtantly the indivluidal stems from the oroginal which menat that losers like me could get their hands on the parts and play around with them. The original sounds like this:

Getting my grubby mits on the tracks meant that I was able to hear how well lovingly recorded they were so it felt rather sacrilegious to tamper with them but tamper I did. The stand out parts for me were the lead and backing vocals so I played around with them and ultimately I dropped them down 5 semitones and then slowed the tempo from 113 bpm to 105. This provided a lovely Barry White effect on the vocals wihhc I liked so I left them like that and then built the tune up around the vocal parts. You can listen to my version here, hope you like it:

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~ Friday, May 18 ~
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~ Tuesday, May 15 ~
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